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Phylogenetic Map for SARS-COV-2 Data

Early Release

Data on this website is updated for sequencing performed at CSIR-IGIB and is therefore updated only until November/December 2021

Sequences and analysis updates are released rapidly and should be considered draft and subject to change.

(Please note this is not peer reviewed and the contents are are subject to changes with new data and evidence emerging. The release should be considered as a draft and of scientific interest and may not be used for public communication)

Publications and Preprints

Rophina M, Pandhare K, Shamnath A, Imran M, Jolly B, Scaria V

Nucleic Acids Research, gkab895,
J, Beena P., Bani Jolly, Neethu John, Rahul C. Bhoyar, Nisha Majeed, Vigneshwar Senthivel, Fairoz C. P, et al.

Journal of Infection (2021)
Bhoyar RC, et al,

PLoS ONE (Accepted 2021) Preprint on bioRxiv 2020.08.10.242677; doi:
Radhakrishnan C, Divakar MK, Jain A et al,

Frontiers in Genetics (Accepted 2021)preprint on bioRxiv 2020.09.09.289892; doi:


Preprints are not peer-reviewed and the data release should be considered as draft and is subject to changes. The data is of scientific interest and may not be used for public communication without appropriate checks.

Open Protocols

Poojary M, Shantaraman A, Jolly B, Scaria V

Research Reports (2020) e1-e14 doi:10.9777/rr.2020.10001

Sample Logistics

The Sample Logistics Document version 3.0 Dated 08/01/2021